Wednesday, December 9, 2015

A Warm Welcome to the Neighborhood

 Tom from Waiting 'Til Next Year was kind enough to send me some cards as a housewarming gift, and what a great haul!
 I think that might be first time I've been able to capture just one frame of a Sportflics card...
 I'm still figuring out the best spot to photograph my cards for the blog (just get a scanner already!), so these Kirbys came out a little underexposed.. All 5 were new to my collection!
 Harmon in his Senators garb and Jack in the Dome - doesn't get much better than that!
 Before his appearance in the All-Star Game, Perkins was perfect in save opportunities in 2015. Things immediately fell apart after this, and the Twins had to scramble to shore up the bullpen. Hopefully Perk can rebound and finish strong in 2016!
Some more great secondary sets - these are new to me, too!

Thanks Tom, this was a great package to come home to!


  1. You're welcome. Always great to see cards from my trade box making others happy!

    1. The snow camo parallel is great - I am tempted to try building a team set in snow...

  2. Bullpen guys are like hockey goalies. They can flame out quick.

    1. Yeah, second half swoons have been annual events for Perkins (and for Brian Dozier, for that matter). He had shoulder issues this time. Before he's had elbow and back problems. I think he's got at least one more year left in him, but I am glad the Twins got Jepsen last year and I hope they add an arm or two before spring.