Thursday, December 31, 2015

Purple People Eaters (and Friends)

Look - I'm not much of a football fan - but I do like storylines. And Nicknames. And vintage cardboard. I went on COMC and picked out several low cost options to make a mini collection of Vikings.

 Carl Eller, Alan Page, and Jim Marshall - all part of an imposing defensive front line. Called "the Purple People Eaters" they combined to crush their opposition for over a decade.
Tarkenton at one time held the record for most passing yards, all time. These guys are some of my favorite Vikings that I never got to watch in person.
While looking for Vikings, I also found some Gophers. Lookit that cute little mascot/logo! No wonder they never win the Big Ten - they should have a more imposing mascot... like a Buckeye.... or a Badger.


  1. Those Gophers cards are awesome, never seen any like that before

    1. The set is from 1955 and features all college football cards - do you have a favorite college FB team? I feel like I should know this but I can't remember.