Sunday, August 20, 2017

Sometime You COMC What You Want To See

I have the great fortune of living in a metro area that has multiple card shops and monthly card shows. However, even with that great luck, I miss a lot of those monthly shows, and the shops are just far enough away that I only go when I make time to go.

 But the internet is always open!

Thanks also to the internet, I've finally got a list of every Puckett card I need, which meant I knew all of the above were new to me. Never been too confident about those Fleer sets, there are so many of them and they all run together - Exciting Stars, Baseball's Best Sluggers,  League Leaders - at shops and shows, I would just look at them and think... Do I have this one already?

Still burning and churning on collecting all the Fernando Romeros... He's still only in three sets, but because of parallels and variations, I've found less than 20% of his cards

Of course, we can't forget about old friend Kennys Vargas! He was passed up for promotion when Robbie Grossman broke his thumb last week. Mitch Garver instead got his MLB debut last night as he is a little more versatile and can cover a corner outfield spot. In AAA, Byung Ho Park got a start in left field - his first appearance in the outfield since he was nine years old. Vargas will need to really start hitting, or learn how to pitch!

These were all needed - I'm still looking for the die-cut versions of the Donruss preferred cards above

I could have sworn that I've purchased the Miracles patch card before, but I never found it after moving into my house... either I imagined it, or it was somehow left behind!

Last but not least, a new paralell of his first Bowman card, and one of his few official rookie cards (from 2014). I have 167 different Kennys Vargas cards, which is still only good for 38% of his total.

Still on the lookout for his 2015 Topps Series 1 Clear Parallel /10 card. There's a bounty on that card! If you see it I will shower you with cards and $$$

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Just One (Hobby) Pack of Topps Chrome

At the Card Shop on Monday, I purchased a hobby pack of Topps Chrome. Happy to get a Twin!

The cards are pretty much the same story as in past years. Shiny, same photos as flagship...

This card is pretty cool looking with a refractor glow on top of the chrome shine.

All of the inserts had a refractor effect added - it wasn't all that interesting on this card...

Future Stars are back again - Giolito was part of the return to Chicago for Adam Eaton. These look nice. Always fun to rip a new pack!

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

NOW We're Talking!

First card of Bartolo Colon as a Minnesota Twin. Unsurprisingly, it's from Topps Now. Colon is pitching again tonight for the Twins. Keep up the good work, Big Sexy!

There was a time when Colon thought about packing it all in. Really glad he decided to keep going after the Dodgers start. Until the last two starts things were looking bleak. Minnesota is glad to have him in the rotation as they fight for a Wild Card spot. Postseason can be a total crap shoot, so getting in is half the battle!

Monday, August 14, 2017

National Baseball Card Day (Observed)

I had a floating holiday since New Year's Day was on a Sunday - I decided to finally take it today, and of course I took the opportunity to head over to my local card shop. Finding Clemente above was worth the trip alone!

I missed National Baseball Card Day on Saturday, so I decided to celebrate today! The shop had a quarter box with 2017 Archives, Heritage, Stadium Club and Series 2.

I felt like I had purchased a lot of Archives already, but I still managed to find a decent stack of new to me cards.

Not a big Pedroia fan, but that's an instant classic. Series 2 had several fantastic shots as well.

I snuck in one more vintage card in there - this one had about 5 staples in it at some point, which made it very affordable for me!

My first Topps Silk parallel! There was a box of odds and ends with sigs, parallels and relics, ranging from 2 bucks all the way up to 20.

I found this Park pinstripe relic in the same box. Rumor has it that Park and the Twins might be working on a buyout, which would be understandable given his struggles.

I also purchased a pack of Topps Chrome, which netted me this bonus card, so I guess I didn't miss out on NBCD after all! Did anyone pull a Minnesota Twin in their packs? I think Sano was the only guy this year, maybe Joe Mauer was in the checklist too...

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Zapped on National Baseball Card Day

Kenny got me good with a surprise zapping. Wrapped in packs of Star Wars and Bowman were some sweet custom made Twins hot packs. I wasn't able to make it to a card shop this weekend, so it was great to be able to open some cards anyway on National Baseball Card Day.

I finally finished logging all of my Twins cards, so I can tell you that you're looking at my 4th unique Travis Harrison card, my 6th J.C. Romero card, 66th Frankie Liriano, and 116th unique Chuck Knoblauch card. It's great to know what I have and what I am still looking to collect!

These 4 were all new to me as well, shocking to me that I still needed an 84 Topps card, but sure enough, I didn't have this Billy Gardner.

I feel like I opened about 100 packs of 2017 Topps, but this Glen Perkins wasn't in any of them!

This black refractor of Miguel Sano is very shiny in person, a really cool card!

Last but not least, Kenny threw in this early 90s gem of Yankees' owner George Steinbrenner hiding in an Iowa corn field during his suspension. Fun Stuff indeed!

Thanks so much Kenny, I am working on getting some return packages out to you and to the other recent generous trade partners!

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Midsummer COMC pickups

My summer organization project continues, I'm now up to sorting and cataloging my Kirby Puckett cards. All the time spent on this project is the same time I usually use for blogging, and I haven't been to any card shows for some time. I did add some new cards last week, ordering on COMC after trying to fill in some gaps.

After yet another great "Short Term Stops" post on Nick's Dime Boxes Blog, I picked up some cards of a few guys in less than familiar apparel.

Geez, Topps, that's cold. I'm sure Cespedes lives somewhere.

Keeping up as best I can with 2017 releases . . .

A New Kennys Vargas! And one "old" one with a buyback stamp on it! And the most overused design in Topps history gets even more love in 2017 . . . 

Last but not least, there was a very good deal on this Rosario autograph from Topps Finest. I think these look pretty good!

Saturday, July 29, 2017

NOW You're Just Being Ridiculous

 I've been tough on Topps NOW - for the price, for the selections made, etc. But I still find cards within the set that I really like. Even though this is totally stupid, I still thought the funeral the Astros held for the glove of Carlos Beltran was hilarious.

I couldn't resist taking home a souvenir of this event. the little signs say things like 3 X Gold Glove, 9 time All Star, AL ROY and so on. Of course, Beltran ended needing to use the glove a few days later, but the team is obvously having a ton of fun. I honestly think this is a good use of Topps Now, especially if they don't reference this in flagship later on.

I really wanted a card to be made for Adrian Beltre's ejection the other night, but I guess Topps would have found it in poor taste? I also think the Rangers should have a "Beltre On Deck Circle" giveaway, and give coasters to the first 10,000 fans or something. My brother suggested it would make for an entertaining bobble head as well.

Keeping up with Twins Topps NOW as well, this one is from June 1st, hoping they can make a few more NOW moments before the year is up.

I added this one to the collection as well - something about father's day uni plus a very rare event (A Walk off hit that completes the cycle) just appealed to me.

Thursday, July 27, 2017

gift chrome really liked

Jim of cards as i see them let me know in a comment that he had a Byron Buxton Stadium Club card for me, and the envelope arrive along with a few more great cards!

A trio of Chrome from last season, with Buxton leading off

I feel for Byung-ho, he's a free swinger that wasn't making solid contact in the big leagues, he's still got another year on his contract, but signs haven't been promising that he'll get too many more chances to prove he can hit in the show.

Berrios is still young, I'm curious to see how well he manages the work load down the stretch in his first full season for the Twins. With most rookies, I would be concerned about conditioning, but he might be the best conditioned player on the entire roster.

Here's the great Stadium Club base card that eluded me in the hobby box I bought. Jim set things right!

last but not least, Torii in a weird 2005 Donruss Studio parallel set. I probably have 4 different versions of this card, but this was still a new one to me!

In hindsight, it was easy to see how this card would have been hard to spot in the wild before now.

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Christmas in July?!?

John from Johnny's Trading Spot is notorious for generous card bombs, and this one was a sneak attack. A simple, signed note that said nothing more than "Christmas in July!" accompanied this bountiful harvest of cardboard goodness.

Included was a stack of mini-collection cards like Hal Morris at the bat rack. 1995 Score I feel has been forgotten a bit - while it didn't change the game like Upper Deck or Topps Stadium Club, it is an underrated gem of a set.

John hit hard with Twins, like a 1977 "Disco" Dan Ford Cloth Sticker, to a near complete 1987 Opening Day Twins set, to current Twins like the pink refractor of Brian Dozier from Donruss Optic.

Lots of deep cuts from the 90s and early 2000s, hitting some of the sets I haven't spent much time (or money) to build to date.

There was also a small stack of these oversized cards from the late 70s, featuring 1960s Twins like manager Sam Mele, Cesar Tovar,  Don Mincher, and Al Worthington -- to name a few.

Great stuff as always John, I will have to get you back soon!