Saturday, January 2, 2016


Here's the second part of that Vikings mini-collection I picked up on COMC. These are the guys I did watch in my youth:

 All he does is catch touchdowns!
 Carter was just recently inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame - He was certainly the best WR to play for the Vikings, and he was probably among the top 5 receivers during his playing days.
 The Herschel Walker trade resulted in several top draft picks going to Dallas. The success the Cowboys had overshadowed what was a pretty good career in MN for Walker. After Herschel came Robert Smith out of The Ohio State University. Smith was a great change of pace back in a pass heavy offense.
 The next generation of Purple People Eaters - Chris Doleman and then John Randle. I really love that last shot in the Dome - Pro Line may have been on somewhat flimsy cardstock, but the photography was top notch.

These were just a handful of favorite images I found browsing through the various checklists. Buster Rhymes actually had an NFL record for most Kick Return yards in a single season... You get that when your defense gives up a ton of points...
I may pick up some more Vikings at some point in the future, but I think this small selection is plenty for me!


  1. John Randle was one of my favorites dude was terrifying. I've got some Vikings for you if you want em. Got your PWE today, thanks.

  2. Nice cards. I always enjoyed rooting for Carter as he grew up and attended high school in Middletown, Ohio which is the next town over from where I live.