Wednesday, December 30, 2015

The Break That Walked The Plank

 The big hit from my portion of the Triple Break with Matt of Bob Walk the Plank and Kevin of The Card Papoy was this Carlos Correa photo Variation.
 Buxton's injuries and late call up means he's technically still a rookie in 2016 - Hoping he gets every opportunity to develop as a major league star.
 Twins Greats of the past, present, and future ???
 Some inserts and my favorite base card - I dig the stripey socks.
 I love gooooooooooold.
Some fantastic photos from 2015 Update.

This was Matt's break, and he supplemented Topps Update with some more cool stuff!
 Even more Kennys. Is this the same card, or are there 198 total, 99 red and 99 gold?
If the Twins were any good after Kirby Puckett retired in the late 90s I wouldn't have become a fan of these guys.

Thanks as always for the Break, looking forward to continuing the tradition in 2016!!


  1. I had no idea you collected the Indians until I was looking at your want lists. I've owned those Lofton's for a very long time.

    Glad you liked the Vargas themed package. I attend on more variety next time around.

    1. I think they are all new to me, too, which is getting harder to do with his cards...

    2. Oh and lest anyone start dropping Asdrubal Cabrera and Joe Charbonneau cards in the mail, my Cleveland collection is Lofton, Manny, Thome, and sometimes Blyleven.

  2. Love that World Series card. I just picked up a bunch of shiny Kennys (Lofton) for you

  3. The Immaculate Swatches card on the left is the Prime version. The one on the right is the base version. In this product the print runs vary by player and in Kennys Vargas' case the print runs for base and Prime are the same.

    1. Ah, I guessed it was something like that.. Thanks!