Saturday, December 26, 2015

Boxing Day Boon

A buddy of mine knows I collect cardboard and gave me a huge grocery bag full of those little plastic baggies full of cards from thrift stores. There was a lot of junk, a lot of cards in poor condition, a lot of doubles, but there are always gems! Here are some of those finds:

 Some Horizontal Heroes
 Minor league cards of major leaguers - I have a soft spot for Dmitri Young cards because I know he has been a serious collector in his own right. These two on the bottom were the only inserts to be found.
 A pitcher at the plate, and a couple of bat rack shots- I really dig the Steve Stone card - it was the oldest card in the batch.
 A few works of art...
 There was a Huge stack of 1990 Donruss - these were the most exciting cards in the bunch.

A few oddballs (plus Bert)
 I actually didn't have this card before... Not my favorite Blyleven T-shirt. It reminds me of the product placement scene in Wayne's World, though, so I can't be mad.

McGwire is interesting because he's not wearing a helmet... possibly a Home Run Derby shot? Check out the suits sitting in the background...
 The Schmidt card is cool because it is a Box Bottom card - did not expect to see that!

There was also a lot of this:
Do you collect Football? Maybe I can unload, ahem, gift to you some Gridiron greats. I plan on sending Falcons to Jeff, and the 6 shown above I might actually keep, but if you've got a team you collect I should have some free cards to send your way!

Overall, there was a ton of junk, but that just made the gems more fun!


  1. I like that Terrell Davis Ultra card. I kinda like that Bert Blyleven photo, too. It's definitely something different.

    1. Yeah - the throwback Orange Crush unis - I was a Broncos fan for a while in the late 80s, and I was happy that Elway got the chance to win it all at the end of his career (thanks in no small part to Terrell Davis).

  2. Worth it just for the Stone card. I've never seen that one before.

    1. Me neither - you just never know what kind of hidden gems Fleer has for in store for us, I try to avoid them because when they are bad.... they are really bad!

  3. If there are any NY Giants cards in there, you can add them to your next shipment ! (thanks)

  4. Feel free to throw any Bengals cards my way.

    Also, the photo on the McGwire card definitely looks like a card from the Derby. Not only the suits in the front row, but look at the wall behind him, it's brick which means it has got be at Wrigley.