Thursday, December 22, 2016

Customizing The Season of Giving

Welp - Gavin has really outdone himself this holiday season. He's been issuing custom gifts all around the blogosphere and I was very lucky to have an envelope arrive last week with my name on it. Lots of really cool an ingenious work coming from the author of Baseball Card Breakdown

 Some great Manny Ramirez cards for the PC
B-Rad is back- in Pog form! I can't believe they only made 50 of this particular platinum parallel.
 Add in an Albert Belle and we've got a very nice holiday PWE.

 Of course, Gavin did not stop there and included a custom built "rip card" numbered to 25

Inside was this fantastic little magnet featuring Kirby Puckett! Eat your heart out, Cracker Jack.The scan doesn't really do this item justice

Thanks Gavin!

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