Monday, December 19, 2016

A Transatlantic Triple Papoy

Ke\vin of The Card Papoy followed quickly behind Matthew with a Transatlantic Triple Break of his own- featuring the 2016 Donruss Diamond Kings AND a bonus of 2014 Bowman Chrome.

Nice to get both Sano variations in this break!
Bowman offers lots of variety considering their design has stayed very similar for several years now.
 Kevin always includes a nice share of Twins as well - Carew and Sano are both serial numbered.
DeVries didn't set the world on fire in the majors, but he's now a regular on Twins radio pregame shows and offers some great insights into the mental side of the game.
I'm hoping for a break out season for Berrios - he's struggled to pitch deep into games so far in the majors as the big league hitters are much more patient than their AAA counterparts.

Thanks again Kevin - It's my turn to break some boxes, hope to get something secured before the end of 2016 and out the door!


  1. Have you been loading up on Berrios autos? I feel like this is the perfect time to be hoarding.

    1. I know I should be, I think all Twins prospects will be awesome though, so I have to be careful...

    2. I drank the Kool Aid a lot during the 20 year losing streak. Every year I was thinking this group of young guys is what will turn us around. Thankfully sites like Fangraphs can educate you a little more so I don't fall for the Brian Bixler's of the world.