Saturday, July 11, 2015

Saturday is Card Show Day

It's kind of a big deal. How big?
 Really Big.
 two of ten
 one of five
To show scale, there's a 2015 Diamond King Kennys Vargas.
My Plan is to bring these to the next TwinsFest and get a nice big Signature from Kennys on one or both of these.

I'm just going to leave it there for now and show the rest of the day's finds later in the week. Similar to the last show, I had to change my strategy after finding these, but was able to pick up a bunch of vintage commons and some fun trade items that will be in the mail early this week.


  1. My, what big cards you have! What are these??

    1. I guess they are technically posters as opposed to cards - they both have blank backs and were acquired by the vendor off the Topps Website. I think they have lots and lots different players, all numbered in small amounts.
      I had been asking each table about the Topps Clear Acetate /10 Vargas card and the guy said "how big of a Vargas fan are you?"

  2. Great cards and best of luck at the show!

    (Received your PWE today, by the way. Thanks so much!)