Sunday, July 19, 2015

Cards and Cards and Cards from Cards on Cards : Cards

Kerry from Cards on Cards posted that there were some Series Two cards up for grabs, including this beauty:

 Fortunately for both of us, the very first blaster I bought this year had a Matt Carpenter version of the First Home Run Medallion, so we had the makings for a first trade.

Kerry didn't stop there:
Lots of great stuff, so let's dig in!
 That's a great shot of Shannon Stewart
 More great Twins - love that Radke!
 Tiny Puckett Sticker
 Some PC guys
 OH, Nishi... Never quite got comfortable in MN, was really hoping he would find a way to make it work.
 some parallel Goodness
Rounding it out with some oddballs.

Thanks Kerry, this was a great package!


  1. You've received so many great trade packages Brian! I'm looking forward to putting cards together for you but must say I feel intimidated ;) perhaps challenged is a better word. I've wanted to trade with you for some time but knew it would be after my move. Thanks for reaching out! I'll be working on a stack for ya.

    1. Awesome! Looking forward to trading with you.

  2. Cool to see an Ortiz card featuring him as a Twin. Series 1 had Jose Bautista as a Bucco.

    1. I think the one that threw me the most was Jayson Werth as a Blue Jay- I totally forgot that he played for them...