Sunday, July 5, 2015

A 1964 Topps Venezuelan Update: South Siders

 Moving from the North Side to the South Side, picking up some Venezuelan Topps for the Chicago White Sox.
 The Sox had three All-Star Rookies in 1964 - I might focus on getting the rest of these first before other parts of the set...
 HOFer Hoyt! This is probably the first card from the set that has a cleaner back than front:
Not too shabby! One bummer is that Minnie Minoso's card is too high in the set, so no VZ version of his card exists in the set. I think I'm probably close to a Sox team set, so that's exciting!


  1. So are you storing these in a binder or in a card box? Is is that card box upstairs or downstairs? Also, what is the code for the garage door opener, and when will you be out of town?

    1. Binder, for sure. All my cards in are stored in ... HEY!
      I will probably upgrade some of these, you're the first stop on the White Sox train...