Friday, July 17, 2015


I've always been fascinated with Astronomy, and the latest NASA mission New Horizons has just completed a flyby of the dwarf planet Pluto, so I feel the need to share some of that awesomeness.

This is how clearly we used to be able to see Pluto:

It's out there somewhere...

Once the Hubble Space Telescope came online, we were able to get a closer look:
not so hot.

The latest photo comes from the New Horizons probe, taken just a few days ago and beamed back to Earth:

just... wow.

From a favorite webcomic of mine, XKCD:

And since this is a card blog, how about showing my only Pluto card:
Part of the "One Little Corner" subset, Pluto's card seems to be using the Hubble image as its inspiration.

Science is awesome!


  1. You learn something everyday. Mega Man is on Pluto!

  2. The next few months will be pretty exciting, as more of the photos trickle in (at 1kbps, I've heard)!

    1. It made me think of this scene from "hackers"