Friday, October 7, 2016

SuperTrade From "Up North"

Just kidding! This particular part of Ontario is south of the Twin Cities, but it is in Canada! Most of Canada is considered "up North" to Minnesotans. Douglas from Sportscards From the Dollar Store dropped a surprise mailer on me this week.

I don't seek out a lot of Hockey, but this one is a cool card. With the season coming up soon, I might have to get my North Stars and Wild organized.
These guys will hopefully all be contributing next season for the Twins
Nice! Durbin was a top prospect for the Twins for several years - he broke into the big leagues in 2004. I remember hearing his name since he was drafted in 2000, and I think the hype was a little too much.

Trevor is going to be gunning for a starting role in 2017 - he was moved to the bullpen out of necessity in 2015. He pitched very well in late inning relief, then started to have back issues in 2016. Several folks in the org have attributed the back problems to the short rest between appearances out of the bullpen. As a starter, May rarely missed a start.

Thanks Douglas, these are great!

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