Saturday, October 22, 2016

Winner Winner Chicken (Parm) Dinner

 Shane from Shoebox Legends was already a winner in my book, and not just because he won one of my playoff contests, but because he's one of the more thoughtful and generous bloggers out there.

Shane fired off a PWE to the Twin Cities this week, and here are the goods:

 We start with the heaviest hitter - Harmon Killebrew and the highlight of his 500th career homer, by far the most in franchise history.
 The envelope packed quite a punch - Danny Lehmann was the BMOC as an Owl at Rice university, but didn't quite pan out. This refractor auto is nonetheless dazzling in its own right.
Topps takes a page from the Sportflics playbook and Mauer is in motion on this insert.
 Some fan favorites including Cuddyer and the great Luis Castillo, acquired from the Marlins in probably one of the better deadline deals for the Twins in recent memory.
Shane hits again with the great Chicky Chicky Parm. Parmelee is still in organized ball, doing his damage in the AL East now with the Orioles off the bench or on the farm.

Shane, thanks so much!

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  1. Thanks for the kind words Brian, glad you liked the cards. Have a few more Twins to get to you soon!