Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Heeeeere's Johnny! (#supertrade)

I can always expect the unexpected when something arrives from John of Johnny's Trading Spot.
It started with a pile of Twins Yearbooks and scorecards from the 70s and 80s - big full color photos and lots of crazy advertisements for local Minnesota businesses. 

This Topps Super Jerry Koosman card is heat sealed into this sleeve - which is exactly where it should stay!

Donruss was no stranger to the over-sized card game, and John included these three awesome examples.
Lots of Chuck Knoblauch
Some key pieces from the most recent Division-winning teams in the 2000s - The Bazooka card is really thick!
And of course a wide variety of 80s greats. As usual, what you see is just a small sample of the big stack of cards from "Generous Johnny."

Thanks again!

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  1. "Expect the Unexpected" was the title to my first speech given in college.