Wednesday, October 26, 2016

More Fun From the Card Shop

So this past weekend I found a new(-ish, to me.) Card Shop, where I picked up a couple packs of Update and a random mix of other things:

I have to monitor my tone of voice when I say "Show me All your Kennys Vargas!" so I don't sound like a crazy person / stick up artist. This was the only one they had that I didn't.

The shop had a table full of random sets from the 80s and early 90s - if you want that hard to forget 1991 Donruss set or a 1988 Topps, they've got you covered. I was drawn to the oddball sets, and Revco was exactly what the doctor ordered.
There were some monster boxes (5 column long box style) of Twins and Twins related players, this was the one card that caught my eye.

I am really skeptical of the autographs I found in this box, these two seemed close enough to legit, and I have no plans to re-sell them. There was a Steve Garvey that I picked up as well, it doesn't look remotely right to me at all, but I will probably ask for GCRL's expert opinion on it at some point.

Back to some oddballs - The Twins teamed up with local law enforcement to release this set several years in a row (maybe they still do?). I found it, uh, interesting that each player has a different crime prevention tip, and for Delmon Young they just were like... "You know what? Better just put the T.V. schedule on that card"
Best of all, they had some oddball supplies as well! Finally I can put these minis in a binder! I will definitely be making a return trip to the shop, there was a big display case of vintage cards that I completely avoided this time around.