Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Trading IRL with GCRL

Well, I intended to post this last week, but life got in the way. Jim from GCRL and Franken Dodger and Cards As I See Them lives in the same metro area, and every once in a while we manage to run into one another and make a trade. Above are some mid 80s postcards issued by the Twins, fan favorites in a rough patch in the standings, not too different from the current incarnation.
Plenty of PC guys in the box from Jim, there's no shortage of Harmon Killebrew cards in new designs!
The cards came from all eras, including some 2016s like the Miguel Sano insert from this year's Heritage set.
The Jim Thome Dodger card is from a set called Topps Unique - it's the first time I've seen it before, it looks really sharp!
Jim also included these hits - I'm a big fan of framed minis, especially when they have  a well-designed frame like this one.
The Sportflics Team preview card was a highlight for me. Brought me back to a simpler time!
"On the verge of winning big" you say? Oh, Sportflics, how prescient! A pleasant surprise, indeed.

Thanks again Jim, much appreciated!


  1. This too is the first time I've heard of or seen Topps Unique... I guess you could say that it lives up to it's name!

    1. Ha, yes true story! I just added another one via Comc because I like them so much.

  2. Topps Unique had some great cards, but it was super high end and only came out one year.

    1. They are really sturdy without being super thick, and manage to ride the line between being "fancy" and "classy".