Saturday, October 8, 2016

Saturday is the Day We Go to Card Shows

Oh boy.
 It has been since the Spring that I made it to the big monthly show in the Twin Cities. I made some vintage finds the main mission for the day, and I think I did pretty well!

I also re-connected with Jim from GCRL (now of Franken Dodger), and we made an in-person trade I'll feature later this week.

I am plugging along on my 1956 Topps set - and I found a nice batch of commons:
1955 World Series hero Johnny Podres might be the sharpest of the bunch. Then I decided to reach for the stars:

 Hall of Famer? Sure, why not? This guy had some worn corner issues and was a little uneven top to bottom. Advantage: Collector. Then I nearly lost my mind when I found this:

 Paper Loss, off center, rounded corners, but oh so gorgeous! I spent more $$ on 2016 Series one packs than it took to bring home this card, I'd call this a serious win.
 Bask.The vintage fun did not stop there, though. one of the vendors had a big box of damaged or otherwise misfit vintage cards and I picked up several.

The Nolan Ryan was an impulse buy - here's a closer look at the back to see how I was able to bring it home:
 A savvy youth investor pushed a pair of pins into each end of this card, and in doing so, passed the savings on to me! I think the card might also be trimmed a bit, it just a hair samller than the others in the stack. fine by me, though!
Of course I couldn't leave without picking up some Twins - these will fit nicely! All in all, a solid day at the card show!

Good to see you again Jim, hope to run into again at another show!


  1. Geez, what a haul! All the '56s are beauties, by my goodness...the Clemente. I had a chance to pick up that same card at a show a couple years ago at a price that was fairly affordable, but passed. I've been kicking myself ever since.

  2. I have to say I get jealous of seeing all these card show hauls..

    Being geographically south of the Twin Cities but Politically from the Great White North we get hockey hockey and more hockey at the two or three held in Toronto. (I live outside of Toronto)

  3. I'm drooling. Very nice grabs, especially the Clemente and Ryan.

  4. Good stuff, and thanks for the trade! Always good to meet up in person. I'm regretting not spending any time at the vintage 50 cent box so hopefully it's there next month.

  5. Congrats on the great haul! I'm with everyone else drooling over the Clemente and the Ryan. Love how the ball is in Nolan's glove though he's clearly in the post-delivery follow-through pose.

  6. Great stuff. Anytime you come home from a show with a 56T Clemente, you know you had a great day.

  7. Nice haul! I was wondering how you snagged that 2nd year Ryan - didn't notice any flaws at all in the group scan. Pushipin holes, of course. Meh, still an awesome card. I'd say you did very well with those 56's - Clemente especially, but the Ashburn and Podres are very nice as well. A lot of sharp-looking cards in that lot.

    How many 56 Topps cards do you have/need now?

    1. I am over half way through - I have a want list on the blog:

  8. Great pickups with the Roberto and Ryan

  9. Clemente is a little scuffy, but otherwise has nice corners and is centered OK. What a bargain!