Sunday, October 23, 2016

Just One (or Two) Packs of . . . 2016 Topps Update

You know by now the deal with update - you've got Rookies
uh, whatever this is

Here's the only Twin in the two packs I purchased. I bought them at a card shop in the Twin Cities, now that my regular one is closed, I had to travel a little farther to find this one...
Here are the horizontal highlights from the pack- hey look, it's former Twin Oswaldo Arcia! That update already needs an update as the Rays waived him and he is now a San Diego Padre! I wasn't disappointed in these, but I also had pretty realistic expectations. If I bought more, I would have probably found more Twins, more interesting inserts, maybe a fun parallel or two...

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  1. Bummer your local shop closed. I've stopped buYing packs for the reasons you've stated.just spend 5 bucks or so on a team set when they come out.