Friday, May 15, 2015

Where am I?

Here's where I started this morning:

This is on the southwestern shores of Lake Erie . . .

About 11 hours later, I found myself in front another body of water.

I'll have more details tomorrow (Saturday)  . . . long drive today (yesterday, actually)!

Quick Contest - name the Lake in the last two photos. First one to answer correctly will get something from me, from the town at this lake's southern borders.

Hint 1: Drove all day from Northern Ohio to get here.
Hint 2: There is a baseball theme to the town.
Hint 3: The lake is not named after the town.

Welp - that was Quick indeed. Jeff guessed Otsego Lake, which is correct! I am staying in Cooperstown, NY until Sunday Morning.

Good luck!


  1. Even though it would be faster cutting through the Great White North, I think the water seen is Otsego Lake. You are at the hallowed Hall of Fame in Cooperstown.

    1. Correct! Who's your favorite Hall of Famer?

    2. Hmmmm. Any White Sox HOF'er, and a few that should be in there (Pierce, Minoso, Baines, etc....).

  2. Have a great time. It is a beautiful town to walk around in.

  3. If you like beer, get yourself to the Ommegang Brewery at once!

  4. Have. Great time. Really fun town to walk.

  5. The view of Otsego Lake is one of my favorites anywhere. My daughter fell into the lake not far from where that gazebo is if I'm looking at it right. That was quite a day.

    You took some great pics. The trip you are on is one every fan should experience at least once.