Sunday, May 24, 2015

Is Chicago? Is Not Chicago! A Contest

The road trip is now over. I spent Friday with my brother in Chicago, went to the Twins/White Sox game, and of course, I found a card shop in Chicago. Earlier in my trip, I found another card shop in another part of Illinois.

Here's the contest - I will put up a series of photos of cards - half of cards are from the Chicago card shop, half are from the other Illinois card shop. Winner will get something very cool -- unopened packs of some kind...

Group A : George Scott, Tito Fuentes, and Nick Gordon

B : George Altman, Boof Bonser, and Eddie Rosario

C : Jim Thome, Corey Koskie, and Ryan Berry

D: Jerry Lynch, Jose Abreu, and Jim Kaat

E: Joe Mauer, Al Hrabosky, and Luis Tiant

F: Tony Oliva, Vic Power, and Boog Powell

To enter the contest, just leave a comment and pick which three Letters are "Not Chicago" 

Update: OK, still no winner. There are two clues now. Clue #1: F is Chicago. Clue #2: C is not Chicago. The Correct combo includes C, and does not include F
Clue #3: correct combo is " _ , C , _ " in alphabetical order.

UPDATE: We have a WINNER! Congrats, Mr. Scott! I will have the prize out to you this week.

Bonus (Claimed by Caitlin): Anyone that can identify the set the last oddball Boog Powell card is from will get something too. Looks like it is from 1971, and it is probably a food issue of some kind. The shop owner didn't know what it was, neither do I! Answer was 1971 Milk Duds


  1. A, C, E. The Boog Powell is from a Milk Duds box from 1971

  2. I'll guess B,C,D. Thanks for the contest!

  3. My question is why didn't you ask me. I would have told you where to go for card shops here.

    Just to play along: ABE or from the rest of Illinois. I think you are having fun with the state:

    1. That was an awesome video! thanks for that. I decided that this time around I would just see where the wind took me and not ask ahead... When I head back to Chicago for the National, though, a few pointers might be good...

  4. OK, all good guesses so far, but there is still a winning combination out there!

  5. I'll go with CDF. Thanks for the contest!

  6. BDE. And I second thats a Boog Powell Milk Duds card.

  7. Let see.. ADE those are pretty cool vintage pulls.

  8. Just an update that there is still a winning Combo out there... I will say that the Milk Duds card was from the Chicago Shop.

  9. OK - still no winner. If you guessed on May 24th, you can guess again on May 25th.

    Clue 1: Milk Duds was from Chicago, so F is out.
    Clue 2: I got the Jim Thome card in his hometown.

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  11. Cool Cool. This contest is still up for grabs! I will accept new entries from anyone that has already guessed on the 24th or 25th. John Hazen, you can guess again starting at midnight if no one has it yet...

    Clue # 3:

    In alphabetical order, the correct combo is:
    " _ , C , _ "