Thursday, May 7, 2015

Showing Some Skills - The Butler Did It

I like cards that showcase what a player does best. Here's an ongoing feature showing just that.

In this installment, Brett Butler is laying down a bunt:
Follow these instructions and you'll be bunting like a pro!

Been doing this a long time, so listen up.
Don't be a chump and pop up your bunts!
Keep your bat high
Keep it level and get the top half of the ball on the bottom half of the bat barrel
 Once you master that, you can get out of the box quickly

The ball will ideally find a sweet spot just past the pitcher, but not far enough to get to the third baseman in time to throw you out.
Pretty soon, you'll find yourself at the top of the on-base leaderboard!


  1. Sandberg has a card like the Pinnacle Butler card you led the post off with. It's one of my favorites in my Ryno collection.

    1. I've got my eye out for a few of those from the subset- I happened to have the Butler card from the old days- they are kind of perfect for the showing skills series!