Saturday, May 9, 2015

Walking the Plank

Matthew from Bob Walk the Plank has been sending some killer packages in trade. He manages to find some pretty fantastic Twins.

Let's start small, shall we?

MiniMinnyDenard is serial numbered to 62. Why 62?

This next card is clearly a winner:

Torii was just hitting his peak in 2003, he's swinging a hot bat in the last week as well, a dozen years later.

Speaking of players on a hot streak:
Perk has been perfect in save opportunities this season, and hopefully he will keep getting so many chances.

The highlight of the package was another auto:
Back when Donruss could still use logos, this is an awesome card - my first Blyleven Autograph!

Very cool - thanks Matthew!


  1. Matt always sends great cards out. Always.

  2. Awesome cards, especially the Hunter!

  3. My favorite was the Hunter too! I liked those EX parallels.

    1. Good stuff- the Hunter reminds me of Topps Tek, though I think it's a less cluttered design. Very Cool card. Thanks again!