Friday, May 22, 2015

Cards found in Chattanooga

The road trip continued into Tennessee and I found a card shop in Chattanooga.

 More Alous! They must be rare in Minnesota for some reason, I don't see them too often at the shows I go to.
Some Junk Wax Gems. Walker and Franco are Traded/Update sets. There were lots of Dodgers at the shop, probably because the Lookouts used to be the Dodgers' AA Affiliate.

There were also lots of Braves, being so close to Atlanta...

I might have to collect the '58 all stars at this rate. After getting Mantle and Banks, and now Spahnie, I will at least need another American Leaguer to balance the scales!

The store had several shelving units stacked with unopened boxes of wax. Most of it was too fancy for me (Topps Finest, Bowman Chrome, etc etc). I spotted this box all on its own like a lost puppy:
I remember getting packs of this as a kid... just 10 bucks for the box (which is honestly probably twice what it is worth, but I think both buyer and seller were happy with that price).

I was hoping to find some cool Buxton or Sano items unique to Chattanooga, but it was still a bit early in the season for that stuff to accumulate. Dodgers and Braves fans would have had plenty to see!


  1. That Spahn is beautiful! Where in Chattanooga is the shop? Are you coming through -- or have you already passed through -- Atlanta?

    1. Marty's Sportscard Exchange Superstore
      6851 Lee Hwy Chattanooga, TN 37421
      (423) 648-7037

      I technically was in Georgia for a moment on my way back north, but I went from Chattanooga to Nashville and then further north ending in Chicago Yesterday and I'm finally back home today!

  2. You are logging some miles my friend. Glad you are able to find they mysterious places called local card shops. I've heard of them, but never see them with my own eyes.

  3. Definitely sounds like you are having a blast. p.s. Great Spahn, (and Mantle and Banks)