Saturday, May 2, 2015

The Envelope Please . . .

The Plain White Envelope, that is. I sent over some 1995 UD Minors Cards to Tim over at I Love The Smell of Cardboard in the Morning, and a stuffed PWE arrived on Monday in return. We've sent a few of these back and forth -  I have come to appreciate the fine art of packing a single envelope.

Check it out:

 A great Stadium Club Insert
 A trio of 3 time batting champions.
 Adam Brett Walker III - Already showing serious power in Chattanooga this year, Adam is working his way north.
 The Greatest of All Time or just The Greatest?
Some great Vintage designs from recent years and a pair of late 70s Twins.

Tim, thanks for another great trade!


  1. Glad everything arrived and that you could use some of them! I was hoping you didn't have that Mauer RC. I just discovered that Fleer/Citgo set that the Rickey came from, I loved that photo!

    1. BTW, yesterday was the 24th anniversary of Rickey setting the career SB record. Seems fitting to see an image from that day in the blogosphere!

    2. yeah- just had the reprint of the rookie - thanks!

      24th Anniversary? That's his uni number... It's an eBay 1/1 anniversary!