Saturday, February 22, 2020

Ordering up a Barrel of fun!

There's no limit to the wonders that await you on the world wide web. Something that would be inconceivable to us in 1982 when this card was released is a website called Cardbarrel. I used the site in the past when it was known as "Just Commons" to knock off some junk wax wants, and now I am back since COMC is no longer an option for me.

See? Look how fun that is! I purchased about 60 cards in all, and it cost under $20 including shipping for everything.

It wasn't all 80s cards either, I found a fair amount of recent items as well. A lot of what I picked up will be featured in future "I love the 80s" and Topps All-Star Rookie posts. I had been using COMC to fill out those gaps in my collection, but they are now dead to me. Oh well!

Hey Look! Willians Astudillo! Can't beat that. I'll be back on Card Barrel again soon to add more cards to my cart.


  1. It's a shame your COMC order is orbiting interstellar space somewhere. I've always had good luck with them. I should check out the Barrel, finally finish off those 90s sets!

  2. If you buy $25.00 worth from CardBarrel.....shipping is FREE (it pays for itself). Not to mention the points you get. I am going to be redeeming my points after the order I just placed comes in.

  3. Totally forgot about Just Commons. I'll definitely check out CardBarrel the next time I'm trying to clear some sets off my desk.

  4. Haven't tried cardbarrel, but I think I might have a look now. Thanks for posting the info!

    Also, that Fred Breining card defines the 1980s, doesn't it? The hair, the mustache, the glasses, the mesh jersey. Wow.

  5. I've ordered from them a couple of times to complete some team sets. In my last order, they sent a different card than I had ordered and their customer service was non existent. I received no response to my messages trying to address the issue. After your unfortunate comc experience, I hope these purchases go smoothly for you!

  6. Card Barrel is great for cheap commons and semi-stars. The issues for me are that you never know when you'll get a card that's way off-center (or otherwise flawed). Also they only sell baseball cards, and that's the one sport I can trade for/acquire easily. If they sold football and hockey singles I'd have ordered from them a dozen more times.