Monday, August 14, 2017

National Baseball Card Day (Observed)

I had a floating holiday since New Year's Day was on a Sunday - I decided to finally take it today, and of course I took the opportunity to head over to my local card shop. Finding Clemente above was worth the trip alone!

I missed National Baseball Card Day on Saturday, so I decided to celebrate today! The shop had a quarter box with 2017 Archives, Heritage, Stadium Club and Series 2.

I felt like I had purchased a lot of Archives already, but I still managed to find a decent stack of new to me cards.

Not a big Pedroia fan, but that's an instant classic. Series 2 had several fantastic shots as well.

I snuck in one more vintage card in there - this one had about 5 staples in it at some point, which made it very affordable for me!

My first Topps Silk parallel! There was a box of odds and ends with sigs, parallels and relics, ranging from 2 bucks all the way up to 20.

I found this Park pinstripe relic in the same box. Rumor has it that Park and the Twins might be working on a buyout, which would be understandable given his struggles.

I also purchased a pack of Topps Chrome, which netted me this bonus card, so I guess I didn't miss out on NBCD after all! Did anyone pull a Minnesota Twin in their packs? I think Sano was the only guy this year, maybe Joe Mauer was in the checklist too...


  1. Nice Clemente(s)! That '70 Topps was the first vintage Clemente I ever owned: a friend at my day care had a copy, and I think I traded him a couple late '80s Nolan Ryans for it back before either of us knew any better. I still grapple with whether or not I should feel guilty about that trade, but either way the Clemente was and is one of the centerpieces of my collection.

    1. If it felt like a fair trade at the time, then it's OK to say that it was fair. I once traded a stack of 90s cards (Griffeys and Frank Thomas) for a few 1977 Topps commons because I had never seen cards from that year before. Ironically, that's probably an even trade now.

  2. Sweet framed silk! Wish Topps would bring back those parallels.

    1. I know that there were some in Allen & Ginter in the last few years , but I don't know if that includes the most recent issue.