Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Quick Stop at the ol Card Shoppe

Hopkins is a small town just on the outskirts of the Twin Cities, with a bustling mainsreet. Now it is essentially a suburb of Minneapolis, and the "downtown" area has a section of several blocks of shops, dining, and entertainment. Among those retail stores is a place called "Ultimate Collectibles" which sells vinyl records, comic books, and sports memorabilia.  

The main attraction for me is a long tall shelf of sealed packs from the 80s and 90s. This oddball set is all Dave Winfield career highlights, I was able to build the whole set with just 5 packs (it's a ten card set).

From the late 80s, Pacific had a run of "Legends" sets - should have posted Wally Moon yesterday, dang!

There were also a number of small complete box sets - this is a 50 card set from 1994 Stadium Club. No Twins in the set, though... Bummer!

From 1992, a really sharp set by Pinnacle showing the year's best rookies.

The backs are great, too!

Lots of fun stuff like Studio, too.

I planned to go in specifically to get more supplies (9 pocket pages and a new binder), but I walked out with a nice variety of packs to rip!


  1. Awesome little Winfield set. I love stuff like that. Great find!

  2. Never seen that Winfield set. Very cool. Not quite as cool as those Pacific Legends though.

  3. Nice pickups there.. The Winfield set is one I've never heard of. One of them looks like a Jays card too..

    Matt Stairs is always nice!