Sunday, August 13, 2017

Zapped on National Baseball Card Day

Kenny got me good with a surprise zapping. Wrapped in packs of Star Wars and Bowman were some sweet custom made Twins hot packs. I wasn't able to make it to a card shop this weekend, so it was great to be able to open some cards anyway on National Baseball Card Day.

I finally finished logging all of my Twins cards, so I can tell you that you're looking at my 4th unique Travis Harrison card, my 6th J.C. Romero card, 66th Frankie Liriano, and 116th unique Chuck Knoblauch card. It's great to know what I have and what I am still looking to collect!

These 4 were all new to me as well, shocking to me that I still needed an 84 Topps card, but sure enough, I didn't have this Billy Gardner.

I feel like I opened about 100 packs of 2017 Topps, but this Glen Perkins wasn't in any of them!

This black refractor of Miguel Sano is very shiny in person, a really cool card!

Last but not least, Kenny threw in this early 90s gem of Yankees' owner George Steinbrenner hiding in an Iowa corn field during his suspension. Fun Stuff indeed!

Thanks so much Kenny, I am working on getting some return packages out to you and to the other recent generous trade partners!


  1. Surprised they got to you so fast. Glad you enjoyed the cards :).

    1. The Postal Service seems to be moving very smoothly this summer, at least for receiving mail here.

  2. I've never seen Fun Stuff cards, the Steinbrenner made me chuckle. Sano looks cool with a black border and some shiny. I used to be a bit of a Knoblauch fan, before Steinbrenner bought him I mean brought him to NY. I was a kid when he came up and his head looked so big and pudgy on his rookie card I used to call him "Pudding Head". (Dont ask me how I remember that, but he'll be "Pudding Head" til I die!)

    1. They are very odd - I should have shared the backs too. They are trivia cards in a way, the back is a fake interview with the subject, so you can guess who the player/personality is. There are three Red Sox players in the set - Boggs, Clemens, and Greenwell.