Saturday, February 25, 2017

Over the Moon after this Trade

Spring Training Games started yesterday, I'm watching the Twins game right now, I'm as pumped as Red Dog here!
Another reason to be pumped up? Night Owl sent over some great cards in trade! I've had my eye on this Herb Washington card for some time, not many cards for Pinch Runners out there.
These guys were all on my junk wax want list - Kevin Foster employs the Jedi mind trick on a baseball in the upper left.
Some Horizontal Heroes, always a fan of Rickey running the bases - Pat Neshek, of course is a MN native and a P.C. guy.
Speaking of player collections, heeeeeere's Manny!
Twins were included as well - three MVPs and a Rat!
What I really appreciate is when you get a nice surprise like some Barry Sanders cards. I have very few non-baseball cards in my collection, but Barry is one of those players from my youth that stayed in my collection all the way through.

Thanks so much Greg!


  1. Looking forward to watching a Jays game tomorrow..

    Always enjoy seeing Pedro and Olerud though

  2. mmmh. My next trip back home(FL) I need to grab something for you.

  3. The Herb Washington is a classic. I've never seen another Pinch Runner card.

  4. Leave it to the Owl for great selection!

  5. Just getting to this (Saturday was a bear). Glad I could find goodies for you.