Sunday, February 26, 2017

O Canada! (one of deux)

Talk about excitement! It's YOUPPI! I sent some O-Pee-Chee cards down South to Ontario and Trevor send back a nice assortment.
Had to share the back of the Stuart Expos YOUPPI! On the same team as Tim Raines, being the top base stealer is saying something!
Some 1979 Topps needs including an alliterative catcher and a Spaceman!
Some great additions to my new Stanley Cup mini-collection!
A pair of Canadian Post Kirbys!
This one is still in the cellophane wrapper. Thanks for the trade, Trevor!

Part Deux will feature another Canadian trade.


  1. I must find a youppi card for myself! Great stuff!

  2. I have to find that Youppi.. Actually, I need that set lol

  3. Every blogger is going to want a Youppi. Just a fantastic card.