Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Los Dodgers

 The beat goes on in the set build for 1964 Venezuelan Topps - I found a 6 card lot on eBay, all Dodgers. The player in the background of the Dick Calmus card is the highlight for me! I think it is Nate Oliver.
 Torborg is given credit by Topps for his "Scholastic ballplaying" which is, I suppose, a nice way of saying he hit .223 in the minors.
As long as I keep pecking away every couple weeks or so on this, I should be able to meet my goal. So far I am still able to find single cards for single digits that are set needs.


  1. Those are some pretty nice backs for Venezuelan cards. I have a few in my collection where the backs are pretty beat up of have major paper loss. Cool set to go after.

    1. I've been lucky lately to find some in fairly good condition. The first few lots I purchased had some really bad paper loss.

  2. I love "scholastic ballplaying" I can see that conversation happening. "Man this guy really sucks, lets just call him a small ballplayer."