Tuesday, February 14, 2017

GCA Delivers Junk Wax Gems

Greg From The Collective Mind contacted me and let me know he had some cards from my want lists, so I was very happy to start up a trade with him
The cards ranged from 1982 to 1995 - can't go wrong with Teke!

All needs from 1985 - Steve Trout in particular caught my eye.
Remember when Biggio was the best hitting catcher in the NL? When Kenny Lofton played for Houston? That's a great photo for 1992 Score, too.
The Kirby card on the top right was the only Twin (well, two if you count Brian Harper getting trucked by Lonnie Smith), and that's A-OK with me! I probably have that Jim Thome somewhere, but I certainly couldn't find a copy when I was building my want list - I was happy to check that one off.
Serious question - are there many Cacti in Colorado? I suppose there are more than just snowy mountains, and I bet this photo was taken in Arizona at Spring Training, but it made me pause for a moment...
A couple all time greats - Hall of Fame talents, and then a pair of two-sport stars. Great variety, and the whole package were needed cards from my want lists.

Thanks a bunch Greg! I am putting something together to send back your way soon.


  1. There are some species of cactus in Colorado, but nothing like that. EY's card is definitely from Spring Training.

  2. Score Biggio and a somewhat svelt Kruk - both are standouts among all this great cardboard!