Sunday, January 15, 2017

Spotlight on a big trade

Johnny's Trading Spot must be making some good friends at his local post office - He's been sending great stuff all over the continent this week. I was the lucky recipient of this haul. The box above is for a limited edition set from score - I actually have that set in a binder, but who knows where the box went... this counts as a separate Kirby Puckett collectible in my book.
Every kind of item was represented in this trade- from vintage bat racks
to junk wax bat racks (check out the great Bob Walk! Matthew, I got two of these in the package, so eventually one will be headed your way to join the Bob Army)
Lots and lots of Twins
Parallel Twins
Inserts and early 80s Twins
Brand spankin' New Twins
Horizontal Heroes (That are also junk wax needs from my wantlist)!
And even more early 90s needs. Awesome stuff, John! AS always, I have to include the disclaimer that these are just a fraction of the cards that came through, I didn't want to overload the scanner or make a super long post.

Thanks again John!


  1. 93 SC is such an incredible set...the Randy Johnson has always been a favorite of mine ! and what's that Topps Berrios with the 94 design ?

    1. The Berrios is an insert of players with the card design of their birth year, created to make us feel old!

  2. Odd seeing Viola without the 'stache...

    1. I think he grew his to fit in with Bobby Castillo...

  3. Wow - that certainly was a well-rounded trade haul. The photo selection on that Bobby Castillo is just glorious!

  4. I just got a package from John as well!

    Love that Eddie Rosario Bowman card. He leads the league in accessories!

  5. Glad you could a couple of those.