Saturday, March 19, 2016

The Behemoth

Remember this? This is the huge flat rate box from Johnny's Trading Spot. I started scanning cards from this box, but I decided I couldn't come close to representing all of the treasures inside, so instead I will just show off a few representative examples.
 This oversized card was tucked into the book about sports nicknames.
 Rookie Cups from several different decades!
 Fuji spied this one correctly in the photo earlier, its from the Topps Big set of 1988.
 Here is the back - remind you of another set?
 Junk Wax!
 These helped to cross off several needs
 Bat Flip! Wrigley Field! Joe Girardi cameo!
 There was a big stack of horizontal heroes, too.
 Including this new to me Kirby Puckett!
 Lots and lots of Twins - love the Ron Gardenhire card tossing BP.

 A big stack of bat rack cards, too.
Oh, yeah, that's the set I was thinking of earlier! Cross off another 56 Topps from the want list!

Incredible, awesome stuff! Thanks again John - I'll be sending out a PWE this weekend as an appetizer, then I will try to put together something that can be worthy of this mammoth box of cards.


  1. I was at a show today, and seen some stuff that had your name all over it. TEASER: Its not cards. Also, I didn't know you like the "horizontal cards" I have several hundred of those tucked in together in one of my dupes box. HMMMMM...?hehehehhehe.

  2. so many great great cards here! I'm pretty fond of the bat rack shots myself. They've become a mini-collection. Johnny is a generous and thoughtful fellow!