Thursday, March 31, 2016

2016 Topps Heritage

Yeah, I don't know why I'm posting this...
You've seen all these - Some Twins
A couple former Twins, a fan favorite, and a cool alternate uniform...
Some of the games biggest stars... now with more pixelated grain! I hope Topps is hearing the feedback about the grainy images - I had high hopes for this set pre-release, but it looks unnecessarily washed out. The real bonus of Heritage is the old school cardstock, the durability and texture of the card, and the great backs. I wish they would spend a little more time getting the right tone for the cartoons on the backs, but the photo quality should be better than it is.

There ya go, I've filed my report...  


  1. I can only say that this set was "inspired" by 1967 Topps. They could have matched the team font and included the dot between the name and position, but they decided that this was close enough. They're starting to phone in Heritage....

  2. Between the alternates and that beautiful crowd shot, the Sanchez might be the best Heritage card I've seen thus far.

  3. Is the Anibal Sanchez card a variation?

  4. Love the Sanchez card. Was happy to pull it. Graininess and all.

    To me, Evel Knievel is strictly '70s.

  5. The crowd isn't fuzzy or blurred, I'd have thought it was a photo variation. Nice Evil card too!

  6. Bartolo Colon is a national treasure