Monday, March 14, 2016

#Supertraders Variety Pack

 Pedro knows what's up - Night Owl sent over one Super Trade Package, with a little bit of everything. I love how this phenomenon is encouraging folks to be bold and curate these trade packages. Mr. Night Owl provides a prime example of how its done, he's been at it for some time. Congrats on your decade back in the hobby, Greg!
 Here we have another Greg. The Halloween set gets some love, and Joe was still in his country music / sideburns phase of his career.
 Great shot in the Metrodome . . .
 Wait - the Documentary set has gold parallels?? The card on the top right is card number 3500 in the set - ridiculous! I want to meet the person chasing this set....
 Pat Mahomes was the Twin mostly likely to featured on a card with his hat on backwards. Coomer often is showing off his tiger mane and forgoing the hat altogether.
 Greg parted with a pretty cool night card of Juan Gone - I still have junk wax needs, but thanks to Super Traders the world over, I've been making a serious dent in those want lists.
 I'm building this base set (really) so it was great to get some more!
 The only Heritage I need -
 Gotta share the back too.
Some fun parallels!

Thanks Greg, this package was a real hoot!


  1. That Rookie Cup set looks better and better every time I see it; I might have to seek a few out myself!

    1. I don't know how many are still floating around out there, but I got hooked on it because I found a box of it on sale on eBay. There are plenty of parallels and each box had an auto. Collation was great, no doubles, but the box was well short of a complete set.

  2. Woooooooo! Enjoyed putting it together.

    I like the Rookie Cup set for the parallels (yeah, I'm a sucker). The base set is a little dull for me.

  3. you may get some dupes because I think a couple of these in the package I've put together for you. I can't pretend to keep up with our other Supertraders - just glad to be part of the group!