Saturday, March 5, 2016

Pacific Northwest #Supertrader

Kerry from Cards on Cards backed up a truck of Twins and PC guys this week.

 Terry Tiffee was very briefly the heir apparent at third base, looking to fill the shoes of Corey Koskie- it didn't quite work out. He's got an interesting looking signature at least!

 Non-Twins are also welcomed here, especially these guys that are all players I collect.
 Shannon Stewart wasn't a Twin for very long, but he made a big impact in the time he spent in Minnesota.
 Gotta love the oddball food issues.
 People forget that Knoblauch was already a World Series winner before he went to New York. He was one of the best players in Twins history, though his off season and post career antics have kept him from being celebrated for his on field success in Minnesota.

Thanks Kerry, I have a few Cardinals ready to go, just need to find a few more to make a suitable flock to fly out West!