Sunday, March 20, 2016

A Super Trade from Play at the Plate

 Brian from Play at the Plate sent over some awesome cards! This Torii Auto came from a break he did for the #Supertraders group - probably the best card to pull for a Twins fan from that set!
 A needed junk wax gem.
 Some fantastic Twins,
 And even more fantastic Twins - love that Sports Illustrated Cover of the Twins 1991 championship celebration.
BOOF - and company. Really fun stuff! Brian sent over a 200 count box of these guys, but I will leave it there. Between this and Johnny's trade, my scanner is gently weeping in the corner...

Thanks again Brian!


  1. What a pull with that Hunter. That had to be exciting. I don't think he signs a ton.

    1. He probably won't sign often now that he's retired - while he was playing he only signed if you donated to a charity of his choice. I am not sure if he did the same deal with card companies, but I can't recall him being prolific as a signer.