Friday, March 27, 2015

werbelliK nomraH

All month long my collection has grown on a nearly daily basis thanks to trading. Even though I feel like I send out a ton of cards, it seems like more come back. This is a good problem to have!

Shane from Shoebox Legends is the latest to fire back a return from the big group trade. I send him Red Sox, he sent back two team bags bursting with Twins and other goodies.

As usual, here's what the whole stack looked like:

Check out little Ben Revere! Serial numbered to 99, this little guy is the sepia tinted parallel.

Shane included this awesome Glen Perkins Autograph, from the very cool Upper Deck subset, Stroke of Genius:

The second bag was full of all kinds of cards from the missing years of 95-2005, and it was all new to me, so that's a big plus in my book.

But I'm saving the best for last - just in time for the 1966 style Topps Heritage set, here's a 1966 Topps rub off of the great Twin, werbelliK nomraH. 

What's that? Oh, sorry, I mean Harmon Killebrew, of course! That's a real beauty!

Very cool stuff Shane, thanks very much!


  1. I thought you were channeling your inner Harry Caray there!

    1. "werbelliK nomraH" is also what it sounds like when Bert Blyleven (or insert the color commentator of your choice) tries to pronounce Arquimedez Pozo.

  2. I think my collection has multiplied about 50 times over since I joined the blogosphere. Great trade package there! That Killebrew is fantastic.

  3. Awesome so glad you liked and needed most of it. Thanks again for the awesome break!