Monday, March 30, 2015

Dime Box Domination

If you came in search of the Contest winner - that's right here

Nick from Dime Boxes and I have been trading back and forth for a few weeks now. Nick has a nice summary of the things I've sent so far here

In exchange for the Hoyt Wilhelm auto that was pulled from the group break, Nick send this package over to me:

The main course of the trade included these two awesome jersey relics.

Check out that pinstripe! Two Twins greats. Both were numbered to 250:

Of course, the rest of the cards Nick included were awesome. He's a master at finding cards that are unique. Great photos, or hilarious circumstances, or just something out of the ordinary. Nick is an expert at picking out the gems of junk wax.
 I-Rod is rocking the St. Patty's Day uniform, just a great card!
That's a classic Griffey card, one I didn't have before!

Another great trade, thanks Nick!


  1. Carew and Killibrew are gorgeous cards! Nick is a fun trader. Always a surprise or two in his packages.

  2. Nick always sends awesome cardboard! Love that Carew!

  3. Glad you enjoyed everything! The green-jerseyed Rodriguez is a favorite of mine as well. And (I really can't say this enough) thank you again for the Hoyt auto!

    1. I think it worked out great for both of us! I will also take the opportunity to deflect some of the thank yous to Jeff from 2X3 Heroes - he mentioned to me in an e-mail that you were a Hoyt collector, so that was another factor in making the trade happen so smoothly.

  4. Very nice cards! I see a few I am going to have to track down.

  5. The guy's got an eye for good cardboard, no doubt.