Monday, May 8, 2017

i see what you did there

Jim from cards as i see them sent over a nice trade package of Twins and more last week. This Chrome-y refractor-y Dozier is a doozy!
A couple oversized team issue cards (I didn't get a ruler out, but I think they are 4x6s) got the party started, along with some fun stickers from the Twins and from Justin Morneau's website.
Oddball Gardy! This card is a coupon for a FREE BREAKFAST MELT! Unfortunately (?) the coupon expired in 2010, but it's for the best since I'd want to keep the card over the sandwich.

Jim tossed in a few in person autos, and a first year card of Twins' former first rounder Joe Benson. Love the Soderholm card, autographed or not!
plenty of horizontal heroes as well. Kenny Lofton's card is disorienting - He's listed as a Dodger, wearing a Phillies uni, with John Smoltz hanging out behind him. At least Smoltz is wearing the correct uniform so all is right in the world. Love the old school Colt .45s hat on Joe Morgan and the smoking gun uni - wouldn't get away with that now.
"We are the champions, my friend . . . "
As you can see, doesn't have to be Twins only - I've got a handful of player collections and mini collections to add the millions of variations and inserts and oddballs from the 2000s.
That being said, nothing wrong with another blast of Mauer Power!
Last but not least, Jim threw in a hit! A very nice looking card from Panini - they made the most of a tough, unlicensed situation. Sano is cooled off a bit this weekend, and he has a possible 1 game suspension looming over him, which should be resolved by tomorrow one way or the other. Hopefully he'll be in the lineup to start the next series and back to launching baseballs into Low Earth Orbit.

Thanks again for the Trade Jim - the return package should be heading your way shortly.

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