Thursday, May 4, 2017

Day Fifteen - 2015 Topps Kennys Vargas #219 (Photo Variation)

Day 15: A Favorite Card From the 2010s

Taking the lead from Tony at Off-Hiatus Baseball Cards this will be the fifteenth of 30 posts, using the prompts provided. I won't necessarily post one every day, but I will do one for each card, toss in a few "insights" (as insightful as I can be, anyway), and usually include an honorable mention or two, just because I'm like that.

Here's my pick - 2 years in and I'm still working on finding all of the parallels for this card. Kennys Vargas happened to be the first Twin I pulled from a pack of 2015 Topps, so I got the idea then to try to build a Kennys Vargas rainbow.  This was a photo variation that Topps loves to insert into the flagship set to both irritate and invigorate collectors. It was an unexpected surprise that Vargas was selected for this, as he'd only appeared in 53 major league games by this point in his career. Vargas crushed a homerun last night to straightaway Center Field and drove in a career high 5 runs on the night. Still my favorite Twin! 

Since these are basically one card posts, why not show the backs as well? One version of it, anyway - like I said, working on a rainbow. This back is nearly identical to the back of the photo variation from Series 1, but this is a Red Chrome parallel numbered to 5. 

Here's a peek at some of the parallels, I should update my progress on this soon.

Uh, yeah, some honorable mentions....

A.J. at Guaranteed Rate Fi- I mean, Comiskey Pa- I mean U.S. Cellular Field.

LaTroy, moments before teaching a baseball all the mysteries of the diamond.
Big Bart's big moment!


  1. Great choice! He's not here to talk, he's here to "pump--you up!" As a fan I could care less why teams sell the naming rights to their venues. I hate hearing things like "Guaranteed Rate Field". Makes my skin crawl.