Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Parallel Universe

Still working on that Kennys Vargas rainbow - it's tough sledding here in Minnesota.

The vendors I talk to all say that they sell out the Vargas cards as soon as they get them. Thank goodness the internet exists!

I added the two common Opening Day Parallels this weekend:
 Opening Day Base
 Opening Day Blue Foil
Wait a minute... When is a Kennys Vargas card not a Kennys Vargas card? Here he makes a cameo on Danny Santana's Opening Day photo variation. Kennys has the photo variation on Series 1 of course..
The Danny Santana card must have been taken right before or right after this one. Vargas seems to know how to have a good time playing baseball. I'm looking forward to this season!


  1. I have to admit... I was checking out the Opening Day photo variations listed on CardboardConnection (http://www.cardboardconnection.com/2015-topps-opening-baseball-variations) the other day and I was wondering how David Ortiz wound up wearing a Twins hoody next to Danny Santana. Maybe he was reliving the past? I didn't really question it because Big Papi is probably one of the most social and photogenic ball players out there. I figured he was just goofing off as usual.

    Taking a closer look now... um, yeah. I feel stupid. That is NOT David Ortiz. Definitely Kenny Vargas goofing off, who just happens be Ortiz' doppelganger.

    1. They call him Little Papi - He had a wager with Ortiz that Big Papi would "buy Vargas some bling" if he hit 25 homers in 2014. 17 in the minors, plus the 9 he hit in the majors... I'll be keeping my eye out to see if Kennys is rocking a bunch of big gold chains this year...