Wednesday, March 18, 2015

The Mark of Good Vintage

Mark Hoyle and I have been trading quite a bit over the last month or so. This week, I was treated to a barrage of 1975 Twins.

Rod Carew and Harmon's 1969 MVP card, some harder to acquire high numbers, and a very slick Craig Kusick.

I also am getting another chance to add to my Washington Senators collection, with some Ted Williams Co. cards and a couple of very nice 1960 Topps.

Mark, thanks again! As always, a very nice package.


  1. Mark is a great guy. Always sends great cards

  2. Mark is an excellent guy to trade with. I wish I had more cards that he needed!

  3. Awesome cards, Mark is too! LOL.

  4. Love the 75 set. I've had those 60's filed away in a box for the last 40 years. Thanks for the trade

    1. Absolutely! The package I sent your way on Monday hopefully will show up today or tomorrow.