Saturday, March 28, 2015

Contest - Why not?

We have a WINNER! Thanks to all of you that read the blog and that participated in the contest!

There was a deal on a mini box of 2014 Stadium Club at the Local Card shop today, so I picked one up.

There's an autograph in every mini-box...

Guess the team on the autographed card, win the card!

Easy as pie.

I'll announce the winner on Monday, if someone has guessed it by then, just one guess per person, please!


  1. Cubs! C'mon Arismendy Alcantara!

  2. Dodgers (though I'd guess Marlins for sure if they weren't already taken)

  3. if all the correct answers are randomized for the winner I would take the Braves, otherwise if it is first to guess the team, I will go with lets see who isnt up there, Indians

  4. I'm trying to pick a name that wasn't guessed. Ummm.....Tigers. Yeah - I think they are still available.