Sunday, March 8, 2015

Group Trade: The Aftermath!

Daylight Savings has stolen an hour of sleep from me, but that can't stop me from organizing and collating the cards from the big group trade!

The Google Hangout ran into a little technical glitch about an hour in, but the connection was eventually restored after a few false starts, and the last all five boxes were opened on webcam. You can watch it all here. Comments from everyone watching live are also found on that link.

Here is a quick recap:

Boxes opened:
1996 Pinnacle
1999 Fleer Ultra
2002 Topps Gallery
2002 Fleer Greats
2003 Topps Stadium Club

Here's all the cards, unsorted:

Here are the HITS!

Pinnacle Inserts:

The last card shown is a rookie base card, red letters instead of black.

Fleer Ultra Inserts:

1 Gold Medallion per pack, I think my favorite insert was the Jeff Bagwell "THUNDERCLAP" card. So 90s!

2002 Topps Gallery Inserts:
 Top row are base cards, bottom row are the inserts - it was pretty much all base cards in the box. Fortunately, the base cards from that set are awesome!

2002 Fleer Greats:

I did a coin flip on the card featuring Tony Perez and Carl Yazstrezmski - it went to Shane (Red Sox), so I'll throw in something extra into the Reds side of things - some kind of insert...

2003 Topps Stadium Club:

1 gold card per pack, two Beam Team cards, doubles of Jason Giambi's "Stadium Shots" card (thanks Topps) and that was it. Some of the stadium club base cards had some odd residue on them, reminded a bit of soapy buildup on glasses. As a result, I put a little extra into everyone's stacks, just because it seemed like the fair thing to do.

If I have your address already, your package is ready to ship. If not, please e-mail your address to me!

I still need addresses from:
 Play at the Plate

my e-mail is: brian dot d dot oneal at gmail dot com 


  1. Thanks again for an awesome break Brian, great job with it!

  2. That Hoyt auto has me wishing I claimed the Giants.

  3. sorry I had to bail in the middle of the night ! (thank God it's not daylight's saving time here yet). I'm glad I picked the Mariners after all, a couple of real cool cards. Now we all need to find some nice 95-2005 cards for you !

  4. Great break, Brian. Thanks for putting this together!

  5. That Ryne Sandberg Topps Gallery card is ssssweeeeeet! Thanks for all of your work on the group break!

  6. That's a great box of GotG. And the Thunderclap is a great pull. Did you have any issues with cards being stuck together in Ultra. About half the packs in the box I opened were stuck together, and it took forever to get the cards separated.

    1. Yes - both the Fleer Ultra and the Stadium Club were sticky. For the most part they came apart ok, a few of the cards had some damaged surfaces, so I decided to include a little extra on these, felt kinda bad about it...

  7. Thanks for the break, looking forward to putting my hands on me Bravos.

  8. Thanks again for putting this together Brian. I really enjoyed watching the part that I was able to. Looking forward to seeing these in person and sending you stuff in return!

    1. Thanks Tim - Yeah, the video interruption has me pretty stumped. Google gave me an error message each time saying that my internet connection had been lost. I'm guessing that it was a bandwidth issue, though it was never really a problem before. My laptop never confirmed a loss of connectivity.. oh well.