Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Group "Trade" update

Hello again -

I am waiting on one hobby box to come in the mail, once that arrives I will show off all of the boxes I will break (probably this weekend, probably Saturday)

It's not too late to join in the fun, remember that with the break, the cost to play is just trading with me. In exchange for all the cards for your team in the boxes, you'll send me some things specifically from my want lists, and/or cards from sets not listed in our break that came from 1995-2005 - any team, any player is fine by me!

I won't be calculating book value or anything like that, but it would be awesome to get back something roughly equivalent to what I'm sending you (with the understanding that in total I'm out a lot of dough on shipping). All that business aside, I expect that this will be a ton of fun!

assigning the teams:

•Arizona Diamondbacks :
•Atlanta Braves - John  (Johnny's Trading Spot)
•Baltimore Orioles/Saint Louis Browns - Capt Kirk (Curly W Blog)
•Boston Red Sox - Shane (Shoebox Legends)
•Chicago White Sox - Jeff (2X3 Heroes)
•Chicago Cubs - Tom (Waiting 'Til Next Year)
•Cinncinnati Reds - Nachos Grande
•Cleveland Indians - Speigel83 (Nomo's Sushi Platter)
•Colorado Rockies - Adam (Infield Fly Rule)
•Detroit Tigers - Pat ( Hot Corner Cards)
•Florida Marlins
•Houston Astros
•Kansas City Royals
•Los Angeles Angels - The Angels in Order
•Los Angeles Dodgers - GCRL
•Milwaukee Brewers/Seattle Pilots - Tony (Off Hiatus)
•Minnesota Twins/Washington Senators - Brian (that's me)
•New York Mets - Dan (Daily Autograph, Keys to the Batters Box)
•New York Yankees - Tim B. (I Love the Smell of Cardboard in the Morning)
•Oakland Athletics - Brian (that's me)
•Philadelphia Phillies
•Pittsburgh Pirates - Matthew Scott (Bob Walk The Plank)
•San Diego Padres
•San Francisco Giants
•Seattle Mariners - Kevin (The Card Papoy)
•St. Louis Cardinals
Tampa Bay Rays
•Texas Rangers - Brian (Play at the Plate)
•Toronto Blue Jays - Al Kawamoto
•Washington Nationals/Montreal Expos - Capt Kirk (Curly W Blog)

okay, a few options left, leave a comment below if you want to join in and I will edit the post. I will close the new entries on Friday at noon, let's say.  I decided to also keep the Athletics to myself as well...

oh, and question for those already signed up... How do you want to handle cards with two (or more) players from 2 (or more) teams? What have other breaks done? Coin flip? Feats of strength?


  1. I see the Angels are still free...I'll take them. Looking forward to the trade!

  2. I'm going to place an order by proxy - Pat from Hot Corner Cards wants to snag up the Tigers.

  3. Replies
    1. It's a deal. If by some chance there are Washington Senators from the mid to late 1960's featured on a card in a flashback or something similar, you should be getting those as well. I'm claiming pre 1961 Senators as Twins...

  4. No question feats of strength should settle any multiplayer cards. Thanks for putting this together, looking forward to it!

  5. Brian,
    Just noticed your blog from a link over at The Card Papoy blog. How did I miss this? Hopefully it isn't too late for me to hop in. I'd like to take the Expos/Nationals since most of the boxes look to be from the Expos era when there was NO Baseball in DC. :( That was a very long 33.3 years for me (or however dang long it took to get a team back in DC).

    Also if allowed and if it will help I'll take the O's/Browns as well. B'More is my OTHER Homie team.


    1. Oops noticed I misspelled "blogspot" for my Curly W Cards blog there. My Bad

    2. Ok - I've got you down for Expos/Nationals and O's/St.Louis Browns!

  6. This seems like a lot of fun. I will take the Indians just to get in on this. Thanks!