Saturday, March 21, 2015

Taking a Walk Off the Plank

Another return from the group trade - Matt from Bob Walk the Plank sent me another round of awesome early 2000's HITS!

Seems unassuming all wrapped up...

Carew and Killebrew - Hall of Famers, numbers retired by the Twins... check them out!
back of the Killebrew:

More Serial numbered goodness with Molitor, Carew, and AJ:

Probably the best trade in MN Twins history?

Matt Garza! Every fan also has that trade they wish their team never made... Well, if the Twins could have a do-over on the Delmon Young trade, that would be great. Garza hasn't won a Cy Young or even led the league in any major categories, but he's been a solid anchor on every pitching staff he's been on. Even though he's no longer a Twin, I'm still a fan.

And last but certainly not least, Miguel Sano! He was recently sent to minor league camp, but I'm about 99% certain he'll be making his major league debut later this summer. He projects to be a 30+ homer guy, and along with Vargas, Arcia, Buxton, Danny Santana and company, the Twins should be all set on offense for several years to come.

Thanks very much Matt, these were awesome!


  1. Glad you liked that Sano. I've been trying to complete the Donruss Signatures set and have accumulated some duplicates along the way. Thankfully a Twins collector has shown up :)

    1. Oh, Man, if Sano hadn't gotten Tommy John surgery last year, I'm pretty sure he'd be the Twins Starting 3rd basemen opening day this season.
      He's going to be special, I just know it!

  2. That Killebrew is awesome. Love the Carews too