Wednesday, March 11, 2015

2015 Heritage - couldn't wait, trade bait

I joined the Nachos Grande Case Break for 2015 Heritage and the videos and posts have forced me (that's right, forced!) to go to the local Target and pick up some cards.

I bought a hanger box (35 cards) and two jumbo packs.

The hanger box had a nice Chrome section in the middle:

The two jumbo packs had a high number in each one:

nothing special . . .

... or so I thought.

Before watching the break, I would never have even thought about those tiny codes on the back, but I ended up finding this guy as a result:

Super Short Print!

Now, what to do with it? I'm sure there are Cardinals fans (hey, maybe even Braves fans) that would want to have this card... I don't want to sell the thing... Maybe I'll keep it? I would definitely trade it for some vintage 1966 Topps from my wantlist, in nice condition (EX or better) of course...

Here's a quick look at some more cards I pulled that might interest other folks - these are open for trade, too.

And in case it was missed earlier, I was too quick to pull the trigger on this Joe Mauer relic, because I have one coming to me in the break as well.
And I also got a Reds relic (Billy Hamilton) on Saturday to send to Nachos Grande, but he pulled it for himself in one of the first boxes:

So, yeah, if you're planning on building the set, let me know, I've got a little stack going here to trade. My slot in the break included the Rockies, and I've already done at least one trade with 3 different Rockies bloggers, so I will likely be holding onto those to trade with those guys (assuming I don't just keep a few of them for myself).


  1. hey brian - i'm interested in the kershaw. we need to figure out how to swap cards from your trade break, too.

    1. Cool - I will add it to the stack. I'll send an e-mail when I get home from work and we can figure out what's the easiest to get those Dodgers to you.

  2. Replies
    1. Sounds good, Mark - I will put together a little package of Red Sox this weekend and send it your way early in the week.